Butcha Kombucha – Sodas gone wild

Welcome to Butcha – we are brewers of wild fermented sodas. Locally brewed in The Netherlands and always in pursuit of flavours that intrigue.

We were trained as chefs and that is how we approach the recipe creating for our Butcha Kombucha brews. First of all, we were looking for perfect flavour combinations and ingredients. We were searching for a preparation technique to apply and the complementary ingredients to get the right balance of sweet, sour, saltiness and bitters.

Butcha Kombucha – Wild fermentation

Keeping our fermentation alive and wild is the perfect environment for the yeast and bacteria to take over. Most importantly because these produce an intriguing palette of flavours and aromas that characterise our wild fermented drinks. Fruity with slightly sour notes, complex and refreshing – that’s what our Butcha Kombucha drinks are all about.

Butcha Kombucha –
Our story

We started our soda brewing adventure when we realized how hard it was to find interesting non-alcoholic drinks.

As chefs and culinary enthusiasts in general, we’re wild about fermentation. Why? Because it adds flavour and gives more complexity and depth. So, we started researching fermentation techniques to create sodas with a taste experience we aspire. Practically all good stuff is fermented and so are our Butcha Kombucha drinks.