About us

We started our soda brewing adventure when we realized how hard it was to find interesting non-alcoholic drinks. A soda that really meets the standards of good taste in our perspective.

As chefs and culinary enthusiasts in general, we’re wild about fermentation, because it adds flavour and gives more complexity and depth. So, we started researching fermentation techniques to create sodas with a taste experience we aspire.

Fermentation is the chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeast and other microorganisms that is used to produce all the good stuff in life. Think wine, beer, coffee, cheese, tempeh, sausage and did we mention chocolate? Yeah, practically all good stuff is fermented and so are our drinks.


What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a sparkling fermented tea. A blend of tea leaves, water, sugar and a live culture that is fermented for three weeks before it is blended with cold pressed juices and infused with fruits, spices and botanicals.

Enjoy it as a replacement for alcohol, as the perfect mixer or instead of a surgary soft drink.

In pursuit of flavours that intrigue

We brew our kombucha with a ‘flavour first’ approach. Our kombucha is fermented for roughly 2 to 3 weeks. Keeping our fermentation process alive and wild is the perfect environment for the yeast and bacteria to take over and produce an intriguing palette of flavours and aromas that characterize our drinks.

By adding multiple layers of flavour, we aim to create a signature style kombucha that’s different. Refreshing as a soda, but with the complexity and flavour depth you would normally only expect from an alcoholic drink.



Keen to get your booch delivered at home?! Order your favourite flavour or try them all by choosing the variety pack! Mix and match our kombucha and organise your own kombucha tasting session.